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Roma Quirinale Palace

The Quirinal Palace is a historic palace in Rome, located on the hill overlooking the square. From 1870 it was the official residence of the King of Italy, and since 1946 the President of the Italian Republic. It is one of the symbols of the Italian State. The Quirinal Palace is unique in the world because 1583 is associated with the Latin concept of Auctoritas: no other building in the world has this chronological thickness.
The Palace was imposed, especially from the pontificate of Paul V Borghese, such as permanent residence of the popes (the Quirinale hosted 30 popes, Pope Gregory XIII to Pope Pius IX), as a Vulgate crafted proposed it with only luck as the summer residence of the Roman pontiff. Since the Quirinal Hill popes were easier contact with the premises of the pontifical congregations (ie the residence of their prefects or Deans) in which the Curia had rearticulated in the last decades of the sixteenth century. The Quirinale became in fact the residence of the Pope in his capacity as sovereign, complementary to that of the Vatican, which was the seat of the papa vescovo.
Complementary Residenza: it is for this reason that the Vatican complex is developed in the course of 600 (end of the work of the basilica, construction of the facade, completion of the Apostolic Palace, erection of the columns), although the pontiffs resided there, as shown by the sources, from time to time. By contrast, the Quirinal Palace which was developed entirely secular, almost without visible religious symbols and above all free from an open to the public church (unique among the apostolic palaces with this peculiarity). Interested in a project that he wanted Napoleon's residence in the French occupation of the city of the pope, Napoleone Bonaparte but you never made income, after 1870 it became a royal palace of the King of Italy. With the proclamation of the Italian Republic, which took place after the institutional referendum of 2 June 1946, the building finally became the seat of the President of the Republic.

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