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The London Eye (Millenium Wheel)


London is one of England's biggest tourist hotspots, boasting of various iconic attractions, such as the London Eye.


The large ferris wheel was built in 1999 it was erected to commemorate and celebrate the turn of the millenium, (getting its original name, 'The Millenium Wheel'), but has since become known and loved as 'The London Eye'.


The London eye stands at 135 metres (443 feet) high, carrying 32 capsules each carrying up to 25 passengers, making a capacity of 800 people.
- 1700 tonnes of steel makes up the Eye. The wheel moves at half a mile an hour, taking thirty minutes to complete a full rotation.


This Lego version was created using Lego Digital Designer (LDD) and consists of 5096 bricks. This may seem fairly sizeable, but for this you get all 32 capsules, each one stays upright around the Eye, (which does turn yes), and has working doors. This piece has been altered slightly to accomodate the fact that it is Lego, but retains it's originality when compared to the real thing.

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