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The Blue Dragon


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As a true LEGO fan I am very proud to announce my Blue Dragon. Ever since I was a little boy I have been a fan of fantasy stories and fairytales. Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter,... I really enjoyed growing up with those films and books. Inspired by those magic creatures I ended up with my build. I named it "The Blue Dragon", well because it's blue and it's a dragon. Makes sense right! It took me a few months to finish it, just because I wanted it to look as it does right now. It wasn't easy to make it look "organic" but I think it turned out fine. The wings were very challenging because of the weight. I had to make it strong enough to keep em up. Then there is tail section. Also a rather hard part to build and look natural. I used tiles to fill all spots so it looks like it's solid. The hardest part tho were the eyes. I could have taken the easy way and just put stickers on it or a colored brick but hey where is the challenge?! So I but lights in it! The switch is build in the middle part of the dragon, the wires are completely covered inside the neck and head. So when you switch it on they turn red! In my video I show how it works ;-) The Blue Dragon stands upon lava, as dragons do. To make it look a bit better I added some marks of his claw into the lava, as well as adding "BTB" with stands for my youtube/Legoideas name BelgianToyBuilder. 

Watching Lego Masters here back in Belgium, the grand finale was won by Jan & Lola with their great jungle masterpiece. I loved it, but another duo had come up with a giant dragon. A few days earlier I had started building mine so to me that was the sign to try and make it look special. I've started building Lego when I was a kid and evolved my building skills rather slowly up until a year ago. I started practicing newer techniques, using more special parts, trying different colors,... step by step I learned until I ended up with my dragon. I wanted to challenge myself and try to make something as a signature for my learning proces. And well here it is! I really do hope you like it! if you do please share it with all your other lego fanatics! 

This dragon to me looks nice. It uses many different techniques and that's why it's very challenging to build. I'dd call it an expert build! I believe this dope dragon would fit any LEGO fan's room. This set would be just great! As I watched Lego Masters and the level the builders had... It's just a matter of time before the first ever Belgian LEGO ideas set comes to life, hopefully... it's a blue dragon. It's "The Blue Dragon"! 

Please do check out the video! I show the red lightning eyes in it!

Name : "The Blue Dragon"
Builder : "BelgianToyBuilder"
Number of parts : Many
Building hours :  A lot
Love for everyone who supports this dragon : Priceless.

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