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Spy's Headquarters


  My wonderful creation has 3 rooms that contain many things.

1. The lobby. It has a desk, mailboxes, a mopper, and a coded, locked door.

2. The boss's office. It contains a fish tank and a desk with a tray of food.

3. The lab. This room has the scientist on a chair with a computer and poisons. A super suit in a locked capsule and, of course, gadgets. It's packed! Plus it's got a radar on top!

  This took me 3 weeks to make and I'm quite proud of what I came up with. I love it because it looks super cool with the cogs on the front. The gadgets are great! You have just got to love the super suit, the radar, and the fish tank! The minifigures are very detailed to show their job. It's got everything for a Spy's Headquarters.

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