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Goat Herder’s Hut


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This small and medieval style building is a well designed and beautiful build. It includes many small details including a shelf with a pack of cards atop it, a goat pen on the side of the house and an intricately built wooden roof. This build has something for everyone whether your just a fan of old style buildings or a medieval and fantasy lover. This would be a great addition to any medieval town or village!

Why would this be a good set?
This would be an amazing set to release due to its overall aesthetic and how many castle fans would love to see more poorer and peasant style buildings that they could add to their collection! This build includes many fun smaller builds that are great for playability. As well as this there are many examples of NPU (nice parts usage) such as the battle droid arms and minifigure hands used on the goat pen!

If you want to see this set on your store shelves then please support and share with friends and family!!!

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