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Winter Village Police Station


          The quiet Winter Village (WV) has some new mysterious visitors.  Packages delivered to front porches have been disappearing. The Winter Village Police Department (WVPD) has been called to investigate. The WVPD has several officers with a k9 unit & a horse patrol. The WV Police station has an office, a holding cell, equipment stash, & a lookout deck with a spotlight.  In addition to the mounted officer, the police force has 2 vehicles, a police cruiser for patrols & the police wagon to transport suspects.  The friendly officers of the WVPD are available to  address concerns, big & small & with watchful eyes they work to keep the WV a safe place to spread & enjoy Christmas cheer.

            Hello, Lego Ideas community! This is my first attempt at building a complete set & my first Lego Ideas submission. I've always loved the Lego WV theme. The small quaint buildings are pretty detailed & offer plenty of play elements. However, I've always wanted a WV police set.  As perfect as the WV may be, there has to be some nefarious petty crimes that takes place.  This WVPD set idea aims to address the petty crimes & maintain the peace in the WV.  I hope the Lego Ideas community will see the value of this set & agree by supporting this build.  I humbly ask  the Lego Ideas community to bring a father's & son's dream to fruition so the Lego world can share in the enjoyment of this set & the love involved in its' creation. 

            For the WVPD uniforms, I chose the Lego GCPD uniforms. They appear to match the WV style & go well the WVFD uniforms.  However, because there are only 2 different styles of the GCPD uniform, I used some modern uniforms, in a lighter color, as well.  I designed 2 different vehicles for the set. It was very important to keep the vehicles' scale in proportion with the other WV vehicles. The police cruiser is inspired by the SDCC Action Comics car & a car from one of the Arkham Asylum sets. An opening trunk was one goal my son & I wanted.  It was a challenge designing the wheel wells that could accommodate the type of wheels used in the other WV sets.  Creating the back end of the police wagon was also challenging.  I wanted the police wagon fit 2 mini figures & for the back seat to be wide enough to hold a mini-figure in handcuffs.  The doors of the Police wagon also open.  The top of each vehicle is removable along with the building's lookout deck & roof of the equipment stash.  Also, the outer wall of the holding cell opens for play access.

            The police station & vehicles started as physical models. However, I ran out of pieces, I downloaded & used BrickLink's Studio design software to complete the project. All pictures are of the actual physical build.  The whole set is built with readily available building elements, with one exception.  The cars' front grill elements appear to be no longer available. (keep hope alive)

I hope you all enjoy this set as much as my son & I had building it.

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