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The Tale of the Old Sage, the Warrior, the Maiden, and the Dragon.

There once was a Tale.
It was of a Warrior in mail,
Who was met by an old man.
The man told him of the dragon,
The dragon that had desolated a city,
So that all that was left was a girl named Emily.
He told him he must conquer the dragon,
Before it completed it's desolation.
So the Warrior went over hill,
Jumped over mill,
Leveled all till,
he found the girl.
She told him of the dragons dwelling place,
and how it farted all over the place...

Wait what? Why in the world would an old tale tell of a dragon farting?

Well that's the thing about this set.It gives you the props to make whatever story's you want to make.

With the 8x8 squares, you can create different kind of stages for your Brickheadz to interact on.

The tower acts as an excellent location for an epic Brickheadz battle, both the ones from this set, and the ones you may already have.

With the pasture you can put the Brickheadz inside, you can take care of, and feed the animals. Plus the cattle are minifig scale, so you can use them for your minifigs to.

The set includes 724 pieces, which of course is a nice addition to any ones collection, but it also include lots of fun pieces. There's a key, an epic sword, and of course the livestock.

Though the story made the dragon and the warrior rivals, it doesn't have to go that way. I mean the maiden might be a Swedish spy named Diana, assembling a team of heroes. I mean maybe the dragon actually is the old man's best friend. 

The options go on and on. In fact there are so many story's people could think of, that I simply don't know how to list them all.
So the question is this. What story's will you make?

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