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Container Food Court


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Come to the container food court and enjoy the delicious! 🍜
Hi everyone! I am more than excited to share with you my new build, CONTAINER FOOD COURT.

[PLEASE NOTE]:all the images in the submission, including the background featuring the color gradient sunset sky, and all printed elements (that is, cafe menu, cafe sign, cafe blackboard, gelato shop menu, pizzeria sign and movie screen) are designed by myself in Photoshop or Illustrator.
How the Idea came: Inspired by the cool container and the love for food, I decided to build this project.
What’s in the build: The whole build contains 5 containers respectively as Café☕️ (white), Gelato shop 🍨 (blue), Pizzeria 🍕 (orange), Sandwich bar 🥪 (yellow) and the Elevator (red) . On the top of the sandwich bar, I also built a small outdoor cinema.
Features (Why to support this build)
  1. Highly Detachable: Each container, including the side walk, a small overpass connecting gelato shop & sandwich bar, and the dining area outside the pizzeria are all detachable (see image 4)
  2.  Nice Interior: In each container, there are beautiful gadgets like coffee machine, coffee cup dispenser, traditional Italian brick pizza oven and so on… and the interior of each restaurant is well- built. (see image 5-10)
  3. Even more detachable: The gadgets ‘2’ mentioned, are also detachable!
  4. Mobility: This build has many technic elements, for example, the elevator can actually work, and send minifigs through the 3 floors (see image 10), the door of the sandwich bar is a sliding door, the windows and open, and the back of the container can also open, to connect with the balcony (see image 9)

Interesting Details
  • The customize printing pcs: I design the café’s logo (I call it Bricafe, get it? 🤓), menu and a small blackboard, the gelato shop’s menu (with some my beloved flavors on it) and the pizzeria’s sign (can u tell the pizza and chef hat shaped in lego piece? 🤩), ofc the screen (can u recognize the scene? ) (see image 12)
  • The gelato cone: The roof of the gelato shop is designed as a tipped over gelato cone.
  • Changeable screen: The movie screen of the cinema is actually changeable, because the bottom of it is a sliding piece.
Model info
-  Total parts: ~3000pcs (due to the different building skills or replacement of pieces, for example 1x4=1x2+1x2)
-  Minifigures: 8
-  Customize printing pieces: 6
-  Length x Width x Height: 40 x 36 x 33.6 studs
Hope you like it! Don’t forget to support!
Thank you very much! 🤗

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