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US - Pan Am Railways OCS Train


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Welcome to our second LEGO Ideas set – The Pan Am Railways OCS Train! As we were young, we played a lot with the Lego 4,5V Train System, from our parents. Some years later, me and my brother got our own 9V train and dreamed about the limited Santa Fe from the official LEGO Shop. We loved the design of this iconic Diesel locomotive – build by General Motors’ Electro-Motive Division (EMD) –, so we tried to find a good-looking colorway for our Ideas set. After some research, we found the updated Version – EMD FP9 – from Pan Am Railways in a unique blue tone with great looking logos on it. This specific business train is often used for important passengers and special events like charity or major sporting competitions.

2x EMD FP9 
Locomotives – PAR 1 & PAR 2 
1x Passenger car with small bar – ST 101
1x Dining car with bedroom and a small office – ST 100
2x Minifigures, railroad worker and mechanic

Due to the minifig scale and the radius of the tracks, we created the OCS Train in 8 Studs wide and max 38 Studs length, to fit the right proportions on the Lego tracks. After putting a lot of details in this project, we ended up with 2999 pieces (not including the train tracks). Needless to say, that the set is compatible to the “Powered Up Hub” and Train Motor.

Thank you very much for viewing the US - Pan Am Railways OCS Train. Stay tuned for our project updates, we will provide some close ups and interesting information’s about the train itself. If you want to stay updated follow us on Lego Ideas and Instagram, too. The Progress will be documented, and your feedback is very welcome!

Feel free to Support us and share this project, we are very thankful! Keep on creating and have a nice day, cheers! 

- shortbricks

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