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Lion Knights' Forest Outpost

Hello everyone! Xman is back with his latest model, the Lion Knights' Forest Outpost! I originally planned this fortress just to stand on its own without any background but I tried adding some trees, liked the outcome, and built a small forest around the castle. Also, the plan was to have a couple mini-figures as well, but after I finished building the forest I realized that there was a lot of pieces in the build and so I decided to omit the mini-figures. Lego fans of all ages can enjoy this model either for a display piece or a crucial fortress in a child's epic battles.

This model contains the following:
 A portcullis (gate)
5 helmets
A jail
8 bows 
4 quivers
1 rat
4 shields
3 breastplates 
6 spears
5 swords

Thank you for taking the time to check out my model and have a great day!

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