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Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Gaang's Adventures


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Appa, yip-yip!

Welcome to the 'Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Gaang's Adventures' LEGO Ideas Project.
This creation brings together the main characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender alongside Appa, the flying bison.

Team Avatar
Avatar Aang - Katara - Sokka - Toph - Prince Zuko - Uncle/General Iroh

To help you recreate the magic of the Avatar: The Last Airbender, this set is jam packed full of different elemental bending pieces, from fire for Zuko to bend, Aang's air ball, Alternate Avatar State Aang Head, Aang's glider to Sokka's trusty boomerang, Momo, along with much, much more!

About the Idea
This set comes in at around 550 pieces. Time after time, Avatar LEGO Ideas projects have been rejected, but time after time the fans show just how much they love the show by continually supporting the amazing LEGO Ideas projects. So support, share and comment how you would like to see this project evolve to become the ultimate LEGO Avatar: The Last Airbender project!

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