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Mini Golf Adventures


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Sports are everywhere to be found, overseas, or on land.  Sometimes, even the smallest of sports need some fame under the spotlight.  So to put one of my all time favorites in the spotlight, I have created an interchangeable miniature golf course.

For this project, I wanted to make a simple mini golf hole that can be altered to the builder's desire, whether it's a course with no obstacles or one of the hardest courses imaginable.  The set would include connector pegs to connect each section together in order to make the perfect hole.  Once a player gets their ball into the hole (there are four balls for four players), the ball would come out of the back of the bottom of the hole, as shown in the extra picture above.  At the end of a hole, players can use the included scorecard to calculate how many shots it took to get your colored golf ball into the hole. (Gold is a hole in one, silver would be two shots, bronze would be three shots, red would be four shots, grey would be five shots, and finally, black would be six shots, which would be the maximum amount of strokes.)  More of these sets can be combined to make the largest hole you can make.  As a builder, your imagination is endless!

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