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Roman Temple

I built an Ancient Roman Temple. I built the model with Bricklink Designer. 2939 total parts.
Physical information: width 64.0 cm, lenght 35.7 cm, height 34.1 cm. The temple is on a raised platform. The stairs lead to a colonnade with eighteen columns. Above the columns, a decorated triangular pediment crowns the building. The lego set contains two legionnaire minifigures.

I decided to build this model because I am a fan of ancient Roman architecture. As the saying keeps it, all roads lead to Rome. Rome is the eternal city. Romans enriched other nations, and also have an impact on our present. For eaxmple plumbing systems, Julian calendar, or roman numerals.

It would be a great LEGO set because it can decorate your room, you can learn history in a playful way,
and maybe you are learning new construction techniques.

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