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Air Racer and Storage


Nneeaoowww! Here comes the sound of old Dean Lusk flying his old fancy racing plane. Many years ago, he was an air racer competition and loved to fly a plane he and his son built out of spare LEGO Bricks. After many years of racing his plane, he decided that he should retire. He built a display for his plane to keep safe from damage and to present for others. The machine has to arms on the top allowing the plane to be taken out of the display. The arms fold up nicely when the plane is out of the display. The plane fits very nicely into the display and is very easy to take out. It is extremely easy to enter and exit The LEGO plane for the minifigure. Dean Lusk still likes to take his plane out just to feel the adrenaline again. Dean Lusk is happy with the way his plane looks in his display and hopes you like it to!

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