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Rush Hour Game


  "Rush Hour" is a well-known and loved game that has been themed with cars, trains, safari, etc. But, this Lego version is unique in many ways thus making new challenges possible! For example, there are tall and short pieces and some can even move diagonally! This board is a 6x6 grid with 11 pieces that will try to block your way to the finish! Also, because of the variety of piece styles, it is easier to design your own levels! And you can even create your own game pieces with the Lego bricks! You can play this game many ways such as playing the levels alone, creating your own levels, or timing yourself and your friends to see who can finish the fastest!

About the new pieces:​

Corner Pieces: These pieces can slide in any direction like other "Rush Hour" game pieces but are an "L" shape, not a square shape.

The Arch: This piece slides like a normal piece but allows plate pieces to go under it, adding a new dimension!

1x1 Brick: This piece looks useless but makes levels incredibly harder because it cannot move.

Brick With Arch: ​This piece is the first "Rush Hour" game piece that can rotate, and it adds a whole new concept to the game!

For a bigger challenge, you can buy two Lego "Rush Hours" and make an 8x8 board with twice the number of pieces!


                                                      (The levels in my pictures are actually solvable.)

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