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Villa in Tessin (Modular House)


At the age of eight years (in 1962) had my parents for Christmas a model house “Villa in Tessin” (from the company Faller” as a gift for my TRIX model railroad.

Story/History of the “Villa in Tessin”: (source of information - Wikipedia)

At the end of 1950s the owner Hermann Faller discovered the villa on a holiday trip in Tessin.

The house stood (and still stands) in Ambri, built in 1958 by two brothers, Aldo and Alberto Guscetti in the Swiss Alps.

Hermann Faller was very impressed with the house and had built his villa in Gütenbach (Black Forest) as replicated with variations of the Tessin Villa.

Based on the “Tessin Villa” and his own Villa, the model house (B-271) was produced.


Since I am working for several years with the construction of railway models from Lego elements, it came to my mind to build the “Villa in Tessin” from Lego elements.

In the construction of the Villa from Lego elements, I have based on the implementation (possibilities) to the original design of the house.

The interiors / divisions, I have chosen freely and adapted to the design of the house.

On the lower floor is the kitchen, hall, guest room and garage.

On the upper floor is the living room, hallway / entrance, bedroom, child or study as well as the bathroom.

The Lego model house includes of course some people and two vehicles, an SUV and an open cabriolet.

A pool with sun loungers and umbrella as well as some bushes and a tree are in the design of the grounds flowed.

The Lego model can be completely disassembled and reassembled in its main components (see detailed photos).

I would be very happy to get your supports and followings, thanks for reading and watching,

warm greatings from Germany - Bernopi

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