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Santa Champions


The set includes two latest generation racing cars from Santa's League and two almost ready to drive Elves.
Both Hi-Tech machines have engines with a power of 100 rocking horses powered by the pure energy of Christmas.
Cars are so technologically advanced that the average Elf needs months of study to even get into them. That's why the drivers are two outstanding Elves who needed only two weeks to master this art.

The set is not only fun but also has its own charm, it is very Christmasy, playable, suitable for adults and children, makes a great Christmas gift and is small so it would be relatively inexpensive.
The set includes 630 bricks, two cars and two drivers with racing helmets and elf caps.

references - All 3d and 2d graphics, including the background and prints, both in the set and in the presentation, were made by the author of the set. No third party involved.

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