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Temple of the Apes: Islander Sanctuary

Check out the video below! It shows the interactive booby traps inside the temple!

Deep within the jungles on the islands of the Black Sea, emerged a civilization unlike any other. Highly advanced in both navigation and construction techniques, theses peoples, known only as the “islanders” by pirates and imperials, rule the hundreds of inlets that are speckled about the waves. Unlike their Aztec and Myan neighbors, the islanders denounced sacrifice of any kind, only offering bananas and tropical fruits to their chief god, Yuum Ba’ats.

Since the first, “great canoe,” as the ships were called by the islanders, arrived, bearing the first imperial soldiers, a great friendship and trade network arose. Both nations grew wealthy off the exchange of valuables, which led to the rise of piracy.

Now, a young pirate, away from his ship, has stumbled upon the great Temple of the Apes in the center island of the kingdom. Will he find his way into the temple to plunder the golden chest dedicated to Yuum Ba’ats? Or will he be stopped by the dangerous booby traps that are hidden on the tile floor?

Only you can decide!

My brothers and I first fell in love with the Islander theme when we borrowed a bin of minifigures from our aunt. This temple, based on real mesoamerican architecture, was made so that this often forgotten theme may once again be established in Lego form!

This set would be perfect for both history lovers and fans of the classic pirates theme who remember sending the noble tribes warriors to defend the Forbidden Island decades ago.

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