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Steampunk Inventor's Workshop

Steampunk is known to many for its combination of technology and arts and crafts, inspired by 19th century technology and science fiction. Such an unusual combination, as I think, perfectly suited for embodiment in lego sets

About the set
I wanted to show how the workshop of an inventor who lived in such a steampunk world could look like. In my set I tried to combine medieval architecture and technology. For example, there is some kind of wind generator on the roof, connected to a mechanism inside the house that could generate electricity. Inside the workshop in the center there is a furnace, for heating and melting, and of course a work table. The side wall and roofs of the building open up.

And of course, what inventor is an inventor without his own car? It too is made in the style of mixing time and technology. 

 I think this set will be interesting to all fans of the steampunk world. And also could be a part of the sets dedicated to this theme. And in the stories of the game we are limited only by our imagination. 

Thank you for your attention and your support!

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