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The dune buggy of the future

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This is the Dune buggy of the future, It has 6 wheels and it can run on alternate fuel to help keep the environment clean. It's also a single seated vehicle.

I've made 2 more dune buggies for Matt's friends

The front of the dune buggy are 2 headlight that can be brighter in the dark (these headlight are equipped with photon lights).

Here is the undercarriage of the dune buggy.

Here at the back of the dune buggy is an advanced motor engine.

Here are the mini figures (The female mini figure holding the binoculars is Betty, The one in the middle is Matt ( the owner of the dune buggy) and the last one holding the yellow camera is George) they are freinds.

I created 1 dune buggy so I didn't thought about making 2 more vehicles like this so I might request that there would be 2 more dune buggys

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