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Asterix-The Original Comic!

By Toutatis! The original Roman knocking, potion drinking and sword swinging Gaul created by Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo is arriving in the Lego universe! Asterix the original hero of the French magazine 'Pilote' is now arriving in minifigure form along with the loyal menhir delivery man Obelix, the wise druid Getafix and a whole host of characters. Child hood fans of the comic will hopefully be excited to finally see it in Lego. The Brick Well is proud to present the first idea for this exciting theme; a set concept called 'Gaulish Village Banquet' constructed on Digital Designer 4.2. This concept was chosen as it is the iconic scene which appears at the end of every Asterix book and symbolises all the Gaul's of that little village we know so well! This theme has been designed to provide an enriched building experience with large and detailed construction sets meant for hours of play and lots of building. Many unique characters will also be included in the coming designs. A special feature of the Lego 'Asterix' construction sets is that they will all include play functions like catapults and opening gates for extra realism and expanded play. This will also be the case with 'Gaulish Village Banquet' which will include many special characters including Asterix and Obelix and many interesting pieces like turkey legs, apples and cakes to recreate the hearty banquets of the village! Also to realise the full potential of the theme, ideas will be based all across the comic books and films for many new ideas! The Brick Well will return soon to expand the exciting Asterix concept. See you all soon.

The Brick Well is back already! This is due to the unprecidented amount of votes achieved in less than a day. The Well is very thankful to the five new supporters. As promised this is a new concept called 'Chariot Pursuit' also constructed on Digital Designer 4. It is a slightly smaller set due to cost prices if the theme was entirely composed of large sets. It would be bad if all the great Asterix fans out there could not even afford their favourite sets! To make up for the smaller size, the Brick Well has built some cool play functions into this set for exciting play! Based on the brief chariot chase sequence from 'Asterix and the Black Gold' this set's main features are a flip-up trap door in the floor to launch unsuspecting minifigures from the chariot! It also includes two swing out knifes (Lego katanas) to frighten off potential pursuers. Especially the band of Roman soldiers included with the set. To make the play experience complete it also includes five minifigures: two ones done above-Asterix and Obelix and three new ones-Doubleosix the druid spy and a Roman decurion and legionary. This particular set is more designed for simple play rather than for display purpsoses as will be larger sets in the future. Some of these include a pre-design for the Gaulish Village and one for a forest set! Thanks to the new supporters and see you again soon.

Hello again all the loyal followers out there of the Lego Asterix project. The Brick Well has now decided to step up the pace a bit and bring on a much larger model concept for the ultimate collectors and builders aspect promised in the original post! Here you have a basic pre-design for that little Gaulish village we know so well as it makes itself an iconic part of the series we all recognise and therefore playS a similar role in a play theme making it essential to have in any collection. As this model was of a large scale and took a reasonable duration to construct it had to forgo some details such as minifigures (look out for a collection of these in a future post) so as it could be posted quickly for any curious new supporters! The original design was also meant to have a large connecting, circular log wall to surround the village like in the books, but so the main huts and details were easily visible it had to be revised for this design. However more of that style architecture will be presented in a future model of a Roman camp-look out for several new minifigures here to! As thought neccesary for a proper play experience this set was designed to have all the really iconic characters huts in the village such us Cacofonix's tree hut as they set it apart from other models. Included here are Asterix's classic thatched roof hut-(Front left), Unhygenix's fishmonger hut-(front right), Getafix's druid hut with its waterfall-(Back right), Vitalstitistix's chieftain hut-(Back left), Fulliautomatix's blacksmith-(Far back left) and Cacofonix's tree hut-(Top centre). Other accessories included are a weapons rack, book case, cauldron, hay cart, trees, picnic table, vegetable and herb patch and a small waterfall. This is for a complete and accurate experince of the village in Lego bricks. Thanks for supporting this project and see you soon!

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