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Modular Hardware Store & Office


This is my first modular on Lego Ideas and I took inspiration from many of the Creator Expert modular sets, especially The Detective's Office.

I have set this in the same time period, so it can join the DO in the wild world of candy crime.

The downstairs hardware store is run by an undercover police officer and upstairs talent agent's office is the home of the king pin of the candy underworld.

Specially brick built detailing are the office furniture including period desk and floor safe. Also the hardware store has period storage/stock drawers behind the counter, old cash register, scales for weighing nails, screws, etc.,.

This set has four minifigs, a customer/gangster, hardware store/undercover police officer, and of course talent agent/under world candy boss.

This price on this set would be half to two thirds that of the Brick Bank.

If you like this please support it, thank you for reading and Brick On ! 

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