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Samurai Helmet (Kabuto)

My latest creation celebrates an iconic symbol of feudal Japan: The noble and majestic samurai helmet, also known as a Kabuto.

This model is inspired by the bold design elements found in many samurai helmets that were prominent in Japan for centuries. Features include a sleek black ridged dome, dark green neck plating, distinctive stylized antlers, ornate front and side crests, and lots of intricate detailing with pearl gold accents. The entire helmet is then securely attached to its own decorative display stand.

This helmet can also be finished in one of two ways: With a simple brick-built chin cord or with a red face armor piece that sports a decorative mustache and fearsome teeth. Best of all, you can switch between these options easily at any time: No messy disassembly or reassembly required!

My goal was to create a truly stunning display model. My new goal is to turn it into a real, official Lego set that is a terrific building experience for all and a finished model that anyone would be proud to display! If you love samurai, Japanese art, ancient history, display models - or simply love the amazing potential of Lego bricks - then this model is perfect for you!

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