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BATMAN The Dark Knight: Tumbler


Hello! This is my first project here on LEGO Ideas. It is the Tumbler from director Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. I know that LEGO has a UCS (Ultimate Collectors Series) Tumbler coming out September 1st, 2014. So, for my love of the films, I thought I'd make one at a more accurate scale to a minifigure, since the previous versions of the Tumbler were either too big, or too small. Also, I think this would be a great set as it has not been released in black since 2006.

THE EXTERIOR: This vehicle is iconic to the films, so I tried to portray it as close as possible in LEGO'S. It is movie accurate, has a lot of playability, and is very detailed. On the top of the vehicle are six wing panels, unlike the previous Tumblers which had two. There are headlights (LEGO, not LED) on top of the model, and towards the bottom next to the front wheels is another pair. The roof opens which can reveal Batman and/or whatever companion you choose.

THE INTERIOR: One of my favorite parts to this model is that two minifigures can fit inside, rather than just one. Although, Batman cannot wear his cape while in the Tumbler. Another cool feature is that it includes a removable mini Batpod between the two seats. I based it off of my custom Batpod that I made. (pic 8) It can also be replaced with a control panel. Also, next to the windows by the seats are holders for Batman's Batarang's.

I would like to include a Lucius Fox figure as well as Batman in this set, and possibly a Heath Ledger Joker. My main goal is that Lego would remake the Tumbler with a better build and new characters from the trilogy.









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