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UK Ambulance


I originally built this ambulance and posted it on MOCpages back in 2010.

Since then I have received many requests for building instructions.

In fact, in the past week I have received 7 requests alone.

I think this could be a good project for Lego to take on.

As you may have noticed this ambulance is in LAS livery.

Most areas in the UK use the same ambulance in the same colour scheme but obviously the livery is specific to the area.

A sticker sheet could be included in the set with each county’s specific livery so the ambulance can be labelled accordingly.

This ambulance is a tribute to all paramedics and the vital service they provide every day.

If successful it would be nice to see this set sold exclusively at hospital and hospice shops up and down the country so that local charities can benefit from any profit made.

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