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Elyra's Castle


I made up two new characters and a dragon! Their names are: Elyra, Destiny, and Sunburst. The castle is about 10 to 12 inches high. With three stories, plus a rooftop, and a tree-garden type of thing. I've written short bios below:


Elyra is the queen of Evendale, about 30 years old.  She is Cronan's big sister, and they never really got along...

Skills: can master any type of magic. 

Flaws: when Elyra gets mad, she lashes out at others for no reason. 

Element: the fifth element: the forgotten element. (No one knows it's real name, cause it's forgotten.)


Destiny is Elyra's adopted daughter, about 13 years of age.  

Skills: good at any magic involving cold stuff. 

Flaws: sometimes makes things go horribly wrong. 

Element: Ice. (Wind and Water.)


Sunburst is Elyra's dragon. 

Skills: good at light-related stuff. 

Flaws: when she makes a mistake, it usually has to be pointed out to her. 

Element: Light. (When a queen dragon is born, there can only be two living at one time. So, Sunburst was going to be a queen, but two were already alive. So, she was born as a Light dragon.)


Please support! It would be my dream for this to be a LEGO set!

Thank you!

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