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The Wheel of Time Waygate

"Glory to the Builders!" A common honorific greeting given to the Ogier who are known for their skill in building. The Ogier helped create the Ways and the Waygates. Activating a Waygate will reveal a shimmering portal which provides access into or out of the Ways.

This project recreates the iconic Waygate from The Wheel of Time as seen in Season 1 and the upcoming second season. Waygates are located all across the Westlands and in many different environments. The Waygate build itself can easily be removed and the ground pieces swapped out for a different location/environment. Three locations have been designed so far: the Tar Valon Waygate from Season 1, a jungle Waygate, and a beach Waygate, both from Season 2.

When the gate and ground sections are removed the frame and supports form The Wheel itself. The seven-spoked Wheel is iatrical to the world Robert Jordan created. Inside The Wheel and at the end of each spoke are the seven colors of the Ajahs.

The eight core characters included in minifigure form are: Moiraine, Lan, Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, Nynaeve, and Loial. These eight in a desperate attempt the reach the Blight use the Tar Valon Waygate and become the first known people to risk traveling the Ways in decades.

The Wheel of Time is a sprawling epic fantasy book series that has sold over 90 million copies. It has become one of the cornerstones of modern fantasy literature and is currently being adapted as a major TV production. The first season was released in 2021 and covered the events of the first book The Eye of the World. The second season is expected to premier in the latter half of 2023. Season 3 has started filming, with writing of Season 4 underway. The Waygates were an important and iconic part of the first season and will continue to be significant in future seasons.

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