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Expanded Iron Man Mansion

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This is an idea I came up with back in April, and then put on Youtube in May. The basis of the set is the fact that the 'Iron Man 3 Malibu Mansion Attack' Set is much too small to be Tony's Mansion. Some people have created custom HUGE mansions, but I know that these are not do-able by LEGO set standards. So, I created this medium-sized mansion by doubling the original set and adding an armory, ocean, and living room.

Tony's Audi R8 (his prized hotrod car) would be included as well...

Along with an extensive upper level of the home...

The house detaches from the rocky bottom level (with the armory), as well.

Along with those features, there are exploding windows and shelves from the original set, and moving screens and pedestals in the armory. The helicopters outside can optionally be put on clear bricks to give a flying effect, and the ocean-of-studs is magnificent.

Please consider supporting this project so that one day this could be a set! For more information, please visit the showcase video on my Youtube channel HERE:


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