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Family Off-Road Adventure: Pickup Truck


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With the recent "2020 Speed Champions" range, we were introduced to a new (part no 65634) 6x12x1 vehicle base element, which opened up a whole new world of opportunities to design vehicles where our Minifigure can now be seated next to each other.
The inspiration
My wife recently asked me to start planning for our trip down to the coast which inspired me to design a LEGO SUV with a trailer, which in turn made me wonder what it would look like if converted into a Pickup truck (UTE/Bakkie) The design was built on the new “Speed champions” 6x12 base, which would allow your whole Minifigure family to go on off-road adventures together.  
The Idea
With most of the generic LEGO vehicles only allowing one Minifigure to sit up front, I think it is about time that we see more “everyday vehicles” produced in the 6x12 “Speed Champion” scale as it will fit in perfectly with any of our CITY inspired modular building collection.
The design
The front section shares the same design as my SUV. The cargo bed area was designed by taking inspiration from generic Pickup truck design elements of different Pickup manufacturers to create an “Everyday” vehicle that can also easily be adapted to present a number of Pickup truck brands on the market.
Studs: W 11.1 x L 24.0 x H 10.6
Inch: W 3.5 x L 7.6 x H 3.3
cm: W 8.9 x L 19.2 x H 8.5

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