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The Dark Knight Vehicles

Tumbler and Batpod inspired by the latest Batman movies.

The Batman figure is just ilustrative, I actually don't own a Batman kit and I don't have a Batman minifigure.

Sorry about that.

Tumbler front.

The pieces are a little mixed up because I don't want to make it all black, I want to make it more visible. If it is all black, there's no details (in my opinion).

Tumbler Inside

I want to give a look of controls and the "mini batcomputer" it has on Batman Begins.

My "Batman" minifigure is improvised. Sorry about that.


It was created with just a few types of pieces.

Again, I added the colored pieces to give a little more details and to make more clear the different pieces.

Batpod with "Batman"

Just to show how the minifigure fit on the batpod.

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