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The Play


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I am so glad to present to you THE PLAY: a Lego project which joins together two of my passions from when I was little: Lego and paper toy theaters . Back then it never occurred to me to unite both worlds, but now so many years after, I have finally done it!. 

THE PLAY is a toy theatre built once and then played with as many times as you want. 

This first set comes with my favorite play ever: A Doll’s House, but it could become a collection of sets with famous plays of classic theatre or even broadway shows, or even stand-up comedy for a lower budget ;) 

I believe it could be a great product, because it is easy to build for anyone, it would look awesome on a shelf and therefore could be a great gift for theatre or literature lovers. Furthermore for kids also, as it would be a great educational toy introducing theatre to the young ones. To recreate plays their own way or even become little playwrights  themselves improving their creativity… everything is possible on stage! .

Hope you like my project, this is my first submission to Lego Ideas, I would love it to become a real Lego set, but I have enjoyed doing it so much that I already feel rewarded.

Thanks in advance for your support!