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Blue Fish Shop

I love fish so I wanted to create a fish shop.

The challenge here is to create a smallest fish tank. The fish tank should not be too big compared with the minifig. It also should not be too small so I can put a "fish" in. With a little cheat, I have successfully created a 2 x 4 fish tank.
There are 8 fish tanks in this set:
1) The 2 smallest ones
2) The 3 x 6 one with a fish inside
3) The lobster pool
4) The 1-labelled fish tank with a clam and a crab
5) To the right of the previous one is the tank with 2 aquatic plants
6) The 2-labelled fish tank with a fish and some rocks
7) The biggest fish tank with 2 starfishes, a rock and an aquatic vine

I have put all the small sea creatures in this set.

If you like fish, please give me feedbacks so I can improve the set.

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