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The Imperials Hunt For The Witch

What is this about? A witch by the name of Serrenia Crown and she is looking for a piece of gold to make her new potion. So Serrenia goes to the nearest shop and just steals some of the gold, but what Serrenia didn't know is that the soldiers of the town are doing their patrol today. Then after she took a bar of gold from the local blacksmith she sees that two imperials were getting taxes from the local bread maker. John rath and link Sheppard hear the commotion coming from next door and see Serrenia with some gold running from the store and chase her. 

Why did I build this? I built this because it is cool to build realistic towns, cities, shops, and landscapes. So I built this to make more interesting buildings. This set is constructed with one thousand nine hundred eighty-seven pieces with endless possibilities.

Why do I think this should become a set. I believe this will make well as a pirate modular building. I know people love the modular system sets that are coming and have come out so this will be very good as a set.

The names of the characters in the set are

1. The blacksmith's name is Jack Rith

2. The bread maker's name is William Voke 

3/4. The two imperial soldiers are John Rath and Link Sheppard

5. The witch is named Serrenia Crown

This set contains.

1. two imperial soldiers/one witch and two shop owners 

2. two-horse 

3. four muskets/two flintlocks/three pistols/two bundles of rope/three axes/two knives/one sextant/two oars/one scythe/one pickaxes/two cutlasses and two hammers

4. ten barrels

5. six crates

6. two chests and nine-piece of gold

7. four rats

and millions of creative possibilities.


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