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Star Wars Battle Tops


The Story of Creation

In a galaxy far, far away, there was a boy who was tinkering with his Lego. In the beginning, he decided to make some sort of top that would represent a powerful energy, which is known as the Force. As soon as this mighty top was created, he was persuaded to create four other tops that would use the mystic power. Unexpectedly, the tops went from allies to enemies, battling each other for the rest of their days.

(This is not a true story)

About the Battle Tops

"The Hurricane" is a top full of power. It has the ability to knock a top three feet out of the battle arena! This is the third best top out of the four.

This aerodynamic top spins the fastest out of all the tops, giving a hard shock to anyone that gets too close! The name "Tsunami" fits the top's fast moving style. This is the second best top.

The most defensive top of them all is everyone's worst "Nightmare" which is the top's name. It's heavy characteristics make it extremely difficult to give this top a good blow! This is the best top!

The last but not the least, "Black Widow". This top slowly tackles its prey until the victim has no more power. This is the fourth best top.

(Tops listed left from right.)

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