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Coffee Cat


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Hi cat lovers!
Coffee cat It is the name of a different café where there are cats and you can adopt them or interact with them while having a coffee or reading a book. A three-story modular building with two apartments with a terrace, a perfumery and a café among other elements of the scene.
The idea for this model was given to me by a cafeteria in my neighborhood called “Gatoteca” something similar to a library where there are not only books and coffee but also cats. In there the cats enjoy their scratching posts and their cat treats apart from living with people
 Regarding the architecture of the model, it is important to say that part of the building such as the apartments or the Coffee Cat are subsequent to its original construction where currently only the dome, ornaments and the bases of each floor remain, everything else is of a more modern acquisition like the angled walls of the apartments.
One of the stories included in the model is a small tribute to the newspaper story included in a 2x2 tile (3068bpb1105) that talks about a new hero in the town. In the same way, a TV news program is included echoing the news. In these images we will see our hero trying to save the same cat at least 2 times.
Modular buildings are possibly some of the most loved sets by expert builders and diorama fans. Personally, I am very attracted to these types of constructions and I have fun watching how they grow and take shape. As a fan designer, this is my contribution to the world of modular buildings.
Thank you very much for your time and I hope you like it.

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