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The Park Statue

Hello there!

Here is my creation. As you can see, this construction represents a statue placed on a promontory in white and gray stone. The promontory and decorated with gold leaf. For the protection of this work of art, a barrier surrounds it. The barrier is also made of white stone and is decorated with gold leaf. Four benches are arranged on each side of the statue, to allow walkers to rest.

Basically, I was not planning to build a statue in a park. I was building things that came to my mind. And one day I found that one of my creations looked like a promontory. I thus improved the original construction, and here is the result ...! I find the result really nice and i hope you too!

I know that many people create their own city in Lego, so I think this construction will go perfectly with all of its cities.

If you appreciate my creation do not hesitate to support my idea. :)

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