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Working Singer Vintage Sewing Machine

This is a lego vintage sewing machine that works! I think the 40s and 50s were one of the greatest ages for industries around the globe. One of the inventions from the 1800s called the sewing machine was becoming popular for tailors and just everyday life. This build has great potential for a lego set because of a fad of vintage things. I myself have become very accustomed to vintage cars, cloths, and machines of the past. Lego has already made a typewriter so why not make another great vintage Lego set? It would make such a great set because of it's uniqueness. Now to tell you how it works, a small wheel on the side of the machine turns a large gear which turns a small gear which then turns another wheel that moves a kind of piston which operates the arm and hits the plate. If that was confusing you can ask me a question in the chat and I will try to answer them. The Singer company made one of the most famous pieces of the industrial age. I would like to bring back the charm of this icon through lego.

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