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LEGO Puzzle Sets

Bringing two childhood favorites together! Checkout the LEGO puzzles for children of all ages. Each puzzle is designed with a child's interest and growth in mind. The small, textured pieces help little hands manipulate the puzzle easily putting all pieces into their place. What a fun way to support a child's growth and development.

The puzzles in the above picture are for children 3 and up. The sets begin with 16 pieces and allow a child to create a picture just like their favorite LEGO set. As you can see, there are 100's of ways to create puzzles from LEGO.

The above puzzle concepts are for children 4 and older. Each puzzle above is made from an existing LEGO set. It allows a child to celebrate their favorite LEGO set in a different way. Each piece fits perfectly into place, creating a picture that little fingers can connect again and again.

Built on a large green LEGO base plate, younger ones can build their puzzle anywhere! No need to finish all at once, they can move their puzzle from place to place. This gives Mom & Dad a chance to clean around their child's new creations.

The ideas are endless! These LEGO puzzles can be made from one or more LEGO sets creating a masterpiece and allowing children to display their work. The strength of the LEGO puzzle set also gives a parent the chance to display their little ones impressive work. The sets can easily be hung as is or used as a backdrop to a child's creative play. Whether in the city or in the jungle, their favorite LEGO sets will have the perfect setting.

This is how it works.

Each puzzle is created by interlocking thin, smooth tiles as depicted above. The individual pieces are pressed into place on the large, green base plate. However, this green base plate has a special added feature. The holes on the large, green base plate are placed strategically to allow little hands to push or pull their pieces easily.

No way will these LEGO pieces get separated from their set. Each set is marked with their own unique color combination.

There is nothing like a 3D puzzle made from LEGO. Each photo above shows just a few ideas that can take a child's imagination to new and real places.

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