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Adventure Island


Hello again! Thanks for viewing my #5th submission. This is my biggest project yet! Lets dive into the details.

Here's the basic set up / story about the island:

Once upon a time, there were rumors about a hidden treasure on a secret island. An old man decides to get on with his life, forget his past and age, and become a kid once again! He soon finds himself on a journey, learning and discovering new things he never thought of knowing.

The set consists of a mountain base-plate, a mountain, a river, two lakes, a bridge, a boat, an explorer, a spider, and hidden treasure! Not to give away any spoilers, but if you're really wanting to know where the treasure is hidden, you may notice a little hole in the ground, up near the mountain. You can easily remove the mountain and rock piece to get the treasure inside. The treasure is stocked up with gold and jewelry; this will give your character a blast, although, be careful; there's a poisonous glow-in-the-dark spider lurking about!

Thank you for your encouragement! I hope you support and follow and, as always, keep being awesome!

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