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'32 Ford Hot Rod

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After my daughters discovered the fun of Lego, I rediscovered. Lego was one of my favourite toys from childhood too.

I decided to combine one of my other favourite things, Hot Rods and Custom Cars, with Lego and came up with this.

It’s a 1932 Ford Hot Rod. I see it as an early 50’s style rod. I’ve used the Friends Mini Figures but don’t see this as a Friends set. It’s a stand alone model that just happens to use the different figures. I just liked the scale of them a little better with the car. One change I might suggest is to print flames on the flat 2x2 tiles used as the doors.

Those of you who have followed a link to this page this is how it works. If this project receives 10,000 supports Lego will consider making it into a real Lego set that the public can buy. So please sign up and support my project. Hopefully your little Hot Rodders can have a Lego Rod of there own.

I might try to build a full fender version too.

Let me know what you guys think.

The real reason men build Hot Rods.

The 2 most 50's looking people I could come up with using the pieces I had on hand.

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