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Shedd Aquarium

What is it
This is a model of the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois. The Shedd Aquarium, opening in 1930 thanks to the vision of John G. Shedd, is an incredible place to learn about aquatic life and takes part in protecting endangered species and their habitats around the world. Their goal is to spark compassion, curiosity, and conservation for the aquatic animal world. 

About this model
This model shows off the magnificent exterior of the Shedd Aquarium with its pillars, banners, and front gardens included. Like the real life location, the inside of the building is where curiosity reaches its peak. After swinging the model open, you will find a handful of the Shedd’s most memorable exhibits. 

Front and center is the Caribbean Reef. Circular in design and home to many different species including a green sea turtle rescued over 20 years ago. There is a light brick integrated into this section that is activated by pushing down on the top of the reef. To the left you’ll find the Oceans exhibit showcasing saltwater species. This is one of the four sections of the model where the roof can be removed to increase accessibility to the model. To the right is Amazon Rising with plants and animals such as Red Bellied Piranha and Dart Frogs. 

The back half of the model is dedicated to the Wild Reef, where a second light brick is included that can be activated by pushing back on the Man With Fish. This area houses some of the most exciting creatures hidden within the Shedd’s walls. Moon Jellyfish are pulsing peacefully in their cylindrical Kreisel style tank. A glass floor is all that stands between guests and the stingrays. There is a touch tank and a coral propagation system that teach guests about the species that make up our reefs. In the middle of it all is the large Wild Reef where intimidating sharks glide back and forth in a stunning display. 

The last detail of note is the Man With Fish fountain. This bronze painted sculpture is 16 feet tall and symbolizes the love and fascination we have with aquatic life, and the responsibility we have towards caring for our world’s bodies of water. 

Why I built it
I built this model because the Shedd Aquarium has been one of my favorite places to visit growing up, and continues to be as I've shared the experience with my daughter. I’ve been there many times in my life and each time I visit, my interest and curiosity in aquatic life grows. This is also a unique model in that we have not had a set that is a dedicated aquarium with many exhibits before. 

Why you believe it would make a great LEGO set
This model would be a great LEGO set because it showcases the beautiful architecture of the outer facade of the Shedd Aquarium as well as the incredible exhibits and animals within that inspire so many who visit. Coming face in the face with these creatures is a memorable experience that creates a more altruistic and environmentally friendly attitude towards the world.

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