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This is Metal Face from the game Xenoblade Chronicles he is a main antagonist througtout the game this model would be based on the scene later in the game on Valek Mountain it would include Melat Face , some rocks , Shulk with the Monado , Reyn and Dunban to represent the current party it could also include Fiora and her mech Face Nemesis , Melia , Riki and Sharla to complete the group the set would also come with a figure of Mumkhar after he has been turned into a minion of Mechonis and he would include his claws he is known for the Monado being the focal point of the game would be Clay's sword from nexo knights recoloured and a printed 1*1 round tile to represent the Monado arts the other members of the party would also come with their weapons

*Some of the characters may be to inappropriate i.e Sharla and Fiora*


Shulk with Monado including tiles for arts

Dunban with Sword

Reyn with Gunlance

Mumkhar with claws

Metal Face

Snow covered rocks

Could include:

Other party members

Fiora and Face Nemesis


This set would need new prints for the figures and the Monado


This would be a good idea for a set because it is an new idea which will make it a more popular product. It will catch people's eye because of the detail of the model and will appeal to adult collectors for the figures with the new prints and the useful pieces included in the set it will also appeal to fans of the franchise of which there are many.

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