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Bell & Howell Eyemo Camera

First manufactured in 1925, the Bell and Howell Eyemo 70mm camera was the most compact motion picture film camera of its time. It included features considered advanced by other cameras of its time. Each winding of the spring motor provided the user to shoot 20 seconds of film at 24 fps speed with between motor windings. The camera could store up to 100 ft of film reel. The tri-lens and viewfinder turrets were added as accessories in 1929. Its small size and ruggedness made it a favorite choice for newsreel and also found use for fiction and documentary filmmakers. The Eyemo compact rugged construction also made it a go-to camera for filming dangerous stunts and feats. This camera was used in produced up until the 1970s.
I picked the Eyemo camera because of its unique design and impact on the filming industry. Its technology paved the way for other movie cameras.
The Lego design is large enough to enjoy some of the functions and design of the camera. Accessories such as tripods could be added for further enjoyment.

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