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Tropical Resort

What’s up lego fans! Welcome to the Tropical resort! This is the relaxing Tropical Resort made for everyone to have fun and enjoy! Inside you will find an amazing lobby, two grand suites, a mini water park, an indoor pool, a buffet, a gym, and best of all a disco party on the top. We built this Tropical Resort for everyone of all ages to build and enjoy. This would make a wonderful LEGO set because it has a wide variety of rooms, detail and design.
Also in addition, this has
-3 Pets- including an adult rabbit, a baby bunny, and a husky dog
-A pet center connected with chains to the Tropical Resort
-A Tropical forest with many plants connected to the Tropical Resort with chains
- An outside place to eat
- 8 Mini Figures
- A palm tree and an extra Tropical plant

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