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Modular Museum


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My project is an extremely intricate and detailed model of a museum, that would fit right into the LEGO modular series. The museum fits all of the modular series' requirements including pegs/holes on either side. The museum has 3 main floors and a roof. The set includes 6 minifigures and has a total piece count of 2,712 pieces.

1st Floor: Exhibits/Office

  • An ice age themed exhibit with a skeleton carving/climbing an icy mountain with his pickaxe.
  • A pirate-themed exhibit with a pirate on board a detailed pirate ship (with cannons and a mast and all that fun stuff).
  • An office with an employee and many details and tons of furniture, including cabinets, a desk, lamps and more.
  • AC units.
  • Much more furniture and a carpet all around the first floor.

2nd Floor: Owner's Area/ Painting Displays

  • Nine 4x6 stud, detailed and colorful paintings.
  • Mother and daughter (tourists) exploring the paintings.
  • A hole with railings to view 1st floor.
  • Ladder to 3rd floor
  • Owner's area with the owner of the museum, desk and shelves, coffee and coffee makers, lamp, balcony, and trophy display of awards that have been won by the museum.

3rd Floor: Employees' Lounge

  • Television
  • Outdoor patio with table and umbrella
  • Pool table and cues
  • Ping pong table
  • Sofa and armchair
  • Coffee table
  • Rug/Carpet


H-VAC units/greebling for air conditioning.

Minifigures: (all (except skeleton) have classic face)

  • Girl (tourist) with short legs and sailboat shirt
  • Mother (tourist) with long hair, pink clothes, and a camera
  • Owner of museum wearing formal attire
  • Museum employee wearing formal attire
  • Skeleton with pickaxe for ice age exhibit
  • Pirate with hook (for hand) and peg-leg, as well as a tricorn hat with a feather.


As you can see, the exterior of the museum is extremely detailed. It has bricks along the sides and back of the building, and on the front, there are various slopes, curves, windows, bricks, and many other details that really give the museum a polished look.

Everyone is welcome to post comments on how they would like the museum to be changed.

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