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RLSS Space Ship

It's a Red Lego Space Ship.
It's the 4th mini space ship in my series. This time my daughter asked me for a flat, small, super fast craft. And as we all know the fastest are red.
The arrow shape and the height of the ship caused some difficulties. Actually it's so flat that the pilot almost lays on his back. The pilot in question is (again) one of my favorites minifigs. Red Spaceman from set no. 6702, released in 1986. As you can see he had a lot of adventures.
The craft is a small and super fast chase and retrieve space fighter. Part of Space self-defense forces. It carries huge laser canon like all my crafts.

The cannon is made of coffee mugs and the barrel is part 6539 from set 8294.The small wings are from set no. 6679, released in 1991.

I hope you like it, and if you do, please check my profile for the reset of the mini space ships sets.
I was already given new challenge from my daughter. Next space ship will be a triangle... (keep your fingers crossed). There's one more classic space man, so I think you can guess the color :)
Thank you for your support!

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