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Polar Express Railcars

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The concept would mimic that of the Santa Fe Super Chief cars released some years ago. There would be one set that could build one car with extra pieces to make various interior and exterior modifications.

Still toying with whether 'new dark red' or 'bright red' would be better for the window panes. The blue is 'medium blue', which I'm hoping is the same blue from Pet Shop. This is still somewhat of a work in progress, so suggestions will be considered for revisions if necessary.

Standard passenger car with doors on each end. The standard 28 stud train baseplate is extended by 2 studs on each.

Include the tiles on the side for possible sticker placement?

This would be used as the final car. A platform for minifigures to stand on in is the rear.

Alternate door window concept with 'new dark red' color scheme.

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