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Nostalgic College Library


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This Lego Ideas set is a cosy college library, pre-digital age days - you can basically smell the old book aroma, ask the friendly librarian anything and spend time studying and socializing. There is also an old record player and a vintage radio. Shelves are stacked high to the ceiling and students can get books via the ladders provided. Unlike many real-world libraries, this library is not a dungeon - it is bright and airy with ample windows and plants.

The challenges I gave myself for this build were to use one of the vintage Lego colours - red - without it getting too much or too busy (a library is dignified, after all :). Another challenge was to use vintage bricks like the deep shelves and regular shelves, vintage window elements and floor tiles, which helped with the third challenge, to use as few bricks as possible to keep the build simple (only 275 bricks despite the many small bricks used as “books").

This set promotes reading and the hours of joy it provides - similar to building and playing with Lego - and can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

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