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Castle of Lions (Voltron - Defender Of The Universe)


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The Castle of Lions is located on an island in an alpine lake on Planet Arus. The castle serves as the official residence of the Arusian royal family and the headquarters of the Lion Force.

The Set

Currently at 2,300+ pcs, the set recreates iconic locations within the castle grounds:

  • Princess Alura's bedroom
  • Control Room
  • King Alfor's tomb
  • Chute that leads to the shuttle and takes the pilot to it's lion
  • Mess hall

The 2 towers open up to reveal weapon systems that can be manned by minifigs. Coran and Princess Alura are also included.

Voltron is becoming popular again thanks to the new Netflix show as well as the recent releases of new toys from Playmates, Toynami and Bandai. There is a huge potential as well as a possibility to expand to TV similar to Ninjago, Star Wars and Nexo Knights.

Hope you like it and can support it together with my other projects:



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