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Steam Powered Pirate Mech


About This Project

I was inspired by Captain Robopirate, the minifigure included in this set to create this mech. It has good articulation in it's arms and legs. Also It's waist can spin 360 degrees. The one hand can hold a minifigure easily. The same arm also has a double barrel cannon on it's forearm. The other hand is a mace made with an anchor on the end instead of a spike ball. The steering wheel can spin freely. You can also turn the valve control wheel. It has a crow's nest with a pirate flag. On one shoulder is a roboparrot. The other shoulder has a iron chicken weather vane. It has a couple torches for light.

Play Features:

  • Holds one minifigure.
  • Cannons really fire.
  • Arms and legs have good articulation.
  • Waist can spin 360 degrees.
  • Steering wheel can spin freely.
  • Valve control wheel can spin freely.
  • Hand can hold minifigure.


  • One minifigure. Captain Robopirate.
  • Two cannonballs.

This set was lots of fun to create and it's fun to play with too. It doesn't look too bad just chillin on my shelf either. If you like this set please support and share thank you.

Thank you for your support.


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